2017 Kia K900 Review & Changes

2017 Kia K900 Review & Changes – Part of Kia’s drive to move upmarket, the 2017 K900 full-size luxury sedan may appear like something of an odd duck to the people consumers who continue to affiliate the Korean brand with the inexpensive and never very friendly economy cars that spearheaded it’s coming into the United States more than 20 years in the past. But when you haven’t been focusing, Kia has gained its place as a mainstream brand with lots of style. The K900, nevertheless, is a bit more of a brain-scratcher than the rest of the brand’s collection. While there’s no question it is a quiet and comfortable car, its value picture continues to be eroded by sibling brand Hyundai’s new Genesis sub-section. As these kinds of, we’ve rated the K900 a 6.6 out of 10 general. (Continue reading regarding how we rate cars.)

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For 2017, the K900 holds above with only some minimal trim stage feature shuffling. It’s accessible in three configurations-V6 Premium, V6 Luxury, and V8 Luxury and the price of access is about $51,000. It offers interior space almost on par with a full-size Mercedes-Benz S-Class with a price label that a bit undercuts the brand’s mid-size E-Class.

2017 Kia K900 Redesign 2017 Kia K900 Review & Changes
2017 Kia K900 Redesign

2017 Kia K900 Changes

While Kia’s more compact cars have crisp European outlines, the big K900 discovers a bit more anodyne. Final year, Kia tweaked the K900’s grille and rear end to include a bit more chrome which the brand looks toe equate with “upmarket.” It’s a beautiful, inoffensive design, but it’s also anonymous and a little under cohesive. Lined up with Kia’s smaller Cadenza (that was just re-designed for 2017) and Optima sedans, the only size differentiates the three cars. While that’s great for developing brand identification, it also means that a $22,000 Optima could be wrongly recognized for Kia’s leading. That works far better for Mercedes-Benz a lot better than it does for Kia. Up in opposition to cars like the Volvo S90 as well as the G80, the K900’s design words is a small dirty and derivative.

2017 Kia K900 Specs 2017 Kia K900 Review & Changes
2017 Kia K900 Specs

The K900’s interior is likewise not necessarily a standout, but it does present clear, useful facial lines and wonderful extend-out space for five grownups. Kia offers two engines in the K900, a 311-horsepower 3.8-liter V-6 and a 420-hp 5.0-liter V-8. Equally, engines use an 8-speed automatic to power the rear wheels, but in contrast to most other large luxury sedans, all-wheel drive isn’t presented as an option. Behind the wheel, it’s hefty and sweet enough to drive, but offers neither of the two the banking institution-vault solidity of the biggest Mercedes-Benz nor the sportiness of an Audi. The most significant Kia corners level, but without having demonstrated any zeal.

2017 Kia K900 Feature & Specs

The K900 is comfortable inside, with natural leather and timber trim and a feature listing that’s on par with its section. Nevertheless, it does not have any single feature that’s special or packages it beside other challenges, and it’s not a specifically excellent value towards the much more new Genesis G80. In the end, Kia’s new K900 luxury sedan is comfortable, tranquil, foreseeable, and clear and understandable. It’s a reasonable opening up effort to place “a risk on the ground,” as one executive told us. As prices range from about $51,000 to more than $65,000, the K900 will most likely locate customers willing to forego a prestige brand to acquire its reasonable value for the funds.

2017 Kia K900 Interior 2017 Kia K900 Review & Changes
2017 Kia K900 Interior

Kia says it intends to stay in the luxury segment permanently. These days, the K900 drops anywhere between a premium sedan and a real luxury car competing with the Germans. That is how Lexus started, and that we won’t add up Kia out but we wish it provided at the very least a couple of individual factors or features. On the safety front, the K900 hasn’t been collision examined by the IIHS or the NHTSA, meaning we can’t allocate it a report. It does elevate some eyebrows by forcing customers to cover added for collision avoidance techs like automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. Just a pair of years ago when the K900 was introduced, these features were typically recommended but today, most rivals consist of those elements in their base configurations. Without having a hybrid or diesel version to provide a fuel-effective headliner. EPA scores are about average for the section, with the V-6 at 20 mpg put together at the V-8 at 18 mpg combined.