2017 Kia Soul Turbo Changes & Specs

2017 Kia Soul Turbo Changes & Specs – The updated 2017 Kia Soul Turbo has proven to be an incredible upgrade to a currently appropriate car. The full of energy, the turbocharged engine provides equally a far better all round feel to the vehicle and an important performance enhance. These changes have lead in an attractive alternative for the compact crossover market. The natural choices, clean driving, and highway fuel economy leave small to be desired in the 2017 Kia Soul Turbo.

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2017 Kia Soul Turbo 2017 Kia Soul Turbo Changes & Specs
2017 Kia Soul Turbo

2017 Kia Soul Turbo Exterior

The 2017 Kia Soul Turbo delivers comparable interior room to other individuals in its class. It is a transparent vehicle with remarkable exposure and a comfortable ergonomic design. Additionally, it provides an impressive amount of natural equipment choices and allows for enough additional alternatives that each Kia Soul can be particular if a driver should choose it to be. The adjustability in between the seats and lean steerings allows sufficient space for a variety of possible car owners. Some of the standard options consist of proximity access, keyless start, automatic headlines, dual surface area leather-based and cloth covers, climate control system, and a middle, 5-inch touchscreen with auto connectivity to significant organizations available.

This sub-compact crossover 2017 Kia Soul Turbo has had very few adjustments to the chassis to accommodate the new turbo engine. Among them is are changes in the suspensions, larger front brake rotors, as well as standard 18-inch wheel design. These can be modified to on lesser trim ranges.

2017 Kia Soul Turbo Specs 2017 Kia Soul Turbo Changes & Specs
2017 Kia Soul Turbo Specs

2017 Kia Soul Turbo Engine

It offers a 1.6 liter, inline-four, 201 horsepower engine with 195 pounds for every foot of torque. It develops smoothly in the drive, and the 1500 RPMs optimum results in a remarkable mid-range grunt. The turbocharger, intercooler DOHC engine has 16 valves inline-4, aluminum obstructs and brain with a direct fuel injections system. The updated, turbocharged engine of the 2017 Kia Soul Turbo is paired with a seven-speed, dual clutch automatic transmission. This successful integrating is effective regardless of without having racy, launch controlled PC encoding or shifters. The vehicle examined was able to make a full 60mph in 6.5 seconds and also at 15.1 seconds, it approved both a quarter distance and 93 mph. In 2015, the Soul maintained the very same in 8.1 seconds and 16.3 seconds respectively.

The fuel economy results were substantially lower than the EPA’s listed 28 miles per gallon combined rating, averaging 24 miles per gallon in town. While neither are offer breakers for most clients, it is important to note the discrepancies.

2017 Kia Soul Turbo Cabin 2017 Kia Soul Turbo Changes & Specs
2017 Kia Soul Turbo Cabin

2017 Kia Soul Turbo Gearbox

The 2017 Kia Soul Turbo is missing out on a gearbox. The seven-speed automatic is smartly designed for speed, but changing can be lethargic for a vehicle with a dual clutch. In stop and go traffic or most city driving, it could affect the outcome in jerking as it changes. There is a drive function alternative for ‘Sport’ which sharpens the throttle and transmission coding while allowing the vehicle to make use of its top gear although sailing. It also brings a enhance and a torque measure to the electronic digital speedometer. Ultimately, the base price for the 2017 Kia Soul Turbo is $23, 695.