2018 Kia GT Review & Features

2018 Kia GT Review & Features – Trials and tribulations for Kia are long gone. Turbulent times at the end of the 90’s are forgotten, and current history just memories good results after good results. Positive growth continues to be largely uninterrupted in earlier two decades, and it also is natural that in that type of circumstance car producer starts to think the exterior of the box. It protected typical segments from little cars and SUVs to common sized size ones, even venturing to the executive territory with sedans like Cadenza and amazingly to full-size luxury one with K900. Since larger echelons are virtually non-existing in the saloon world and since almost all typical segments are inspected, strange considering has to arise. This is how we got to the Niro, and this is the way we are going to get to the 2018 Kia GT.

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2018 Kia GT Redesign 2018 Kia GT Review & Features
2018 Kia GT Redesign

2018 Kia GT Review

The Southern Korean car maker has the objective to offer by itself as a sporty brand but has virtually nothing to help to claim. No person argues decently powered Cadenza and K900 getting to all the method to the 5.0-liter V8 with more than 400 hp in later, but both of these can be barely acknowledged as sporty models in conditions of driving behavior. We are speaking about huge luxury limousines set up for comfort in the first place.

GT model of Ceed is shy try of Koreans getting into hot hatch world with somewhat over 200 hp so that it is about time for the company to strengthen its self-esteem and offer something efficiently carried out. With described purpose to be considered, sporty desires and with is own slogan “The Power To Surprise” we arrived at the very first really and sporty factor in its future line-up. That will be our GT model, a sedan with rear-wheel drive and provocative sloping roof structure.

2018 Kia GT Concept

All the way in 2011 Kia educated us that work well on something unusual is in progress. At Frankfurt Auto Show we got a chance to see the concept of a four-door coupe, a segment that’s viewing significant development because of Mercedes CLS. It had been clear that concept is also futuristic in appearance which doesn’t signify something near to the creation model, but anyhow, it amused us with its fascinating physical appearance, stylish condition, and charming suicide entrance doors. So, following six years, we are on the verge of enticing creation version on the streets.

2018 Kia GT Interior 2018 Kia GT Review & Features
2018 Kia GT Interior

As we see from the spy shots, the car continues to severely masked and in a clever way, departing most of the issues for speculating. Suicide entrance doors are out of the issue seemingly, plus it is something which most supposed to be deleted on the production all set model. Odd front fascia from the concept is apparently traded for more standard one on the check rule, especially when we visit the headlights. On the side, we see that event was maintained more than from the concept but in chrome rather than flat look. A provocative type of the roof structure and the rear end is conserved and, we are unable to be completely sure from the pictures, there is a touch that possibly the large concept tail lamps are to be provided.

2018 Kia GT Specs 2018 Kia GT Review & Features
2018 Kia GT Specs

2018 Kia GT Powertrain

New GT will talk about rear-wheel drive platform with Genesis who is also planning to offer you its see of a sporty premium mid-size sedan. For the engine portion, undoubtedly top offer would be 3.3-liter V6 which with the assist of a turbocharger delivers 340 hp. The indeed low offer would be 2.0-liter also the turbocharged unit, presently rated at 245 hp in Optima but with feasible power boost in the model in question. With regards to the gearbox, equally options of a manual and automatic mode will be available.