2017 Kia Cross GT Concept & Specs

2017 Kia Cross GT Concept & Specs – Building on the brand-growing precedent set by the four-door Kia GT that debuted in Frankfurt in 2011, the brand launched the Cross GT crossover concept in Chicago. Just as the GT concept’s appearance signaled the brand might shortly offer you a full-size luxury car, the Cross GT concept plainly transmits the information that Kia is considering the transfer to the big, premium crossover market.

Kia Cross GT 2017 Kia Cross GT Concept & Specs
Kia Cross GT

2017 Kia Cross GT Review

The Cross GT’s design originates from the same group of California-dependent developers at Kia’s Design Centre America that offered us the 2014 Forte sedan as well as the Trickster and Soul’s ideas. Dependent on the chassis of the GT sedan, the Cross GT features a likewise long wheelbase of 122 inches with short overhangs front and rear. All round length and width calculate up at 192.8 and 79.1 inches, correspondingly; joined with a relatively lower 65.3-inch overall height, it sports a chunky user profile.

To place it in context, the Cross GT is 8.4 inches longer and 4.9 inches larger than the present Sorento but stands 1.6 inches shorter. The wheelbase, however, is almost 16 inches longer than that of the current Sorento, loaning credence to claims of quick overhangs. As we stated when Kia introduced a teaser image a few of days ago, we are viewing the brand’s family resemblance, specifically in the nasal area and C-pillar.

Kia Cross GT Interior 2017 Kia Cross GT Concept & Specs
Kia Cross GT Interior

2017 Kia Cross GT Engine

Although Kia is mindful to indicate that the hybrid powertrain also is “strictly a concept,” its figures fall into the world of the possible. Offering a 3.8-liter V-6 plus an eight-speed automatic transmission operating in combination with a progression of Kia’s parallel hybrid system that gives torque vectoring all-wheel drive, Kia is quoting a put together productivity of 400 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque with an all-electric range of 20 miles.

Designed as a four-passenger vehicle, the Cross GT uses rear-easy-to-open suicide entrance doors for quick access to the rear buckets. Interior materials had been selected with a nod to environmental responsibility: The American walnut on the instrument panel was picked from re-harvested supply, and the Almond-Terra-colored leather seats were tanned with chemical substance-free of charge chemical dyes. Attached to the main tunnel, the seat-influenced seats give the illusion of floating within the cabin. Climate controls, telematics, and entertainment capabilities are reached via a touch screen and central mouse control. Rear travelers can access the Internet and infotainment alternatives through smooth-board displays mounted to the backs of the front-seat headrests. A large storage area resides under the level load floor in the cargo region.

Kia Cross GT Changes 2017 Kia Cross GT Concept & Specs
Kia Cross GT Changes

Although no known announcements have been made, you don’t need a magnifying window to read among the lines: According to Michael Sprague, Kia’s executive v. p . of advertising and communication, “Our clients are trying to the Kia brand to offer you relevant vehicles in the premium segments that take value to new levels of elegance. The Cross GT is the following reasonable step in that development. And while only a concept today, it impulses one possible design course we could investigate for the future.” As with national politics, we’ll interpret that final statement as a distinct possibility.